My abstract photography was chosen by Colors in Motion for their May Touchstone Video – a monthly series of music and art compilations.

[vimeo =41656778]

“How do we see the unseen?

Synergies emerge from explorations of nature in the works of New Mexico sculptor/photographer Susan Latham and Danish composer Niels Eje.

Susan sees herself as a “scout for beauty:” Using the camera as an instrument of inquiry, she seeks to capture the “geometry of light” as it is reflected on the inner landscape of her sculptures, seen through panes of stained glass. Niels’ inspiring compositions explore universal elements in music that are also fundamentally present in nature – the rhythm of life, natural tones and the chords created with them.

Colors In Motion brings together these explorations of sight, sound, and motion, opening the senses to new resonance and reflection. An original experience emerges, unique to each observer.”