Artist Statement: Sculpture

I am a “philomorph”, a lover of form, forms that have evolved out of necessity, nothing to be added or taken away, every element being essential to survival. I am happiest when integrating opposites, science and art, left and right brains, the yin and yang of things, creating something new and whole from disparate parts. I am awed by nature’s beauty, the genius and whimsy of her inventiveness. I enjoy exploring that which is unseen or unnoticed, perhaps with my 5x magnifying class or dissecting scope. I begin with something that fascinates me like the structure of growth in sea shells, a lilac bud under a microscope, knots in nature and culture. I play with the fruits of my inquiry and let their elegant structures inform and lead me on.

My work reflects my fascination and study of the geometry of nature– the divine proportions of growth  in the natural world. Through my art I seek to capture some essential essence, be it a glint of light or the curve of a line, that give a feeling of the whole.  Creating abstract sculpture calls forth both the artist and the engineer within me, integrating the scientific inquiry and artistic expression that I find so satisfying.

I was the founder and director of “The Forum for Science & Art”, bringing New Mexico artists and scientists together to explore the creative process.